Mezcal Milkshake


750 mL bottle

This product can only be purchased by Horizon Society members.


This delicious beer is a rich and sweet milk stout aged in tequila barrels with the addition of orange zest to impart the flavor of a refreshing tequila negroni. If you’re looking for a dark beer to sip on for the rest of summer, look no further!  750 mL bottle, 12.8% ABV

Mezcal Milkshake is a 2021 Horizon beer that we enjoyed so much that we are re-releasing it for the 2022 Horizon Society.  It is NOT INCLUDED in your membership.  750 mL bottles can be purchased here.

Sales will continue until the inventory is exhausted.  Pickup can occur at the time of purchase.

This offering will follow the same rules as all 1st half Horizon Society bottles.  They must be picked up or shipped by the deadline on Friday, September 30, 2022 at 20:00 EST or else they will be forfeited.

For Shipping (VIRGINIA ONLY):  Have them shipped through UPS Ground.  Shipping can be purchased HERE Orders must be received by someone 21+ and require a signature at the time of delivery.



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