One-off Series

Our One-off series allows us to experiment with different styles through the year. These beers are for a limited time!

Scarlet Empire

A kingdom deserves a proper Imperial Ale and Scarlet Empire is just that.  A long and layered malt bill adds complex notes of toast and caramel sweetness.  While big and malty, the spotlight is on the hops.  Hearty additions of Cascade and Zythos give this deep red beer a tremendous dose of citrus and pineapple as well as tropical fruit flavor and aroma.  Scarlet Empire is truly a beer fit for a king.

O’ Bitter, Where Art Thou?

Bid farewell to old IPA’s, say hello to something new.  IPA’s have long been synonymous with “bitter” but that may be about to change.  This light bodied ale is packed full of hop flavor and aroma with almost no bitterness.  Citrus and piney hops work together to provide beautiful aromatics and the flavor of juicy oranges.  A delicate malt bill including a balanced addition of wheat provide a pleasant backdrop that allows the hops to shine.  This beer is proof that bitter isn’t always better.

A Whole Latte Love

The perfect beer for those long, cold winter nights.  A Whole Latte Love is a full bodied, creamy milk stout with a generous dose of locally roasted coffee beans.  Rich chocolate flavors accompany roast and coffee in harmony with a delicate, silky texture imparted by lactose sugars.  Layer after layer of flavor, there’s a whole lot to love.

Reddish Knob

An ode to a classic, and named for a local landmark, Reddish Know is everything that is great about what made the West Coast Pale Ale popular.  Light bodied with a slightly toasted character that perfectly couple with the caramel sweetness, this not quite pale ale focuses on the hops that put America on the map.  Citrus flavor and aroma dominate with pine notes layered in.  Reddish Knob takes an iconic style to new heights.


Brewers (like gamers) are always looking for improvements, exciting new ideas, or fresh spins on old classics.  SuperNerd is just that, a bigger and bolder sequel.  A reworked version of the original, this Imperial Pilsner packs a punch.  The larger malt bill is complimented by an even larger hop bill.  Classic American hops in union with exciting new German hops lay the groundwork for a unique hop flavor and aroma profile.  While larger than the original, this one still drinks crisp and clean as you have come to expect.  Whether you prefer split screen or solo sessions, SuperNerd is a winner.

Farmers Market

Everything a small craft brewery is to the beer world, the farmer’s market is to the food world.  Small, independent, and hard working artisans gather to bring high quality products and ingredients.  Farmer’s Market is our way of honoring that connection.  Taking a base Berliner Weisse recipe, we added hundreds of pounds of red raspberries resulting in a tart, fruity, and sessionable beer that is perfect for the long hot days of late summer.  Everything tastes better when you know where it comes from, so go local!


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!