Now & Agains

Living in Virginia, we truly experience all four seasons, from lush, blooming springs to snow-dusted winters. There’s no better way to celebrate these cycles of nature than with four season-appropriate releases that truly embrace the flavors of the changing weather.


Gosecolada is quite simply everything you love about your favorite tropical cocktail, only in a beer.  This traditional German kettle soured ale gets turned into an island classic thanks to additions of pineapple and coconut.  The fruits add a sweetness that perfectly balances the otherwise tart ale.  A subtle and traditional addition of salt rounds everything out and leaves you wanting more.

Fest Bier

Fest Bier perfectly captures the transition into autumn, shifting from the crisp light Lagers of summer to a slightly darker, heartier Lager that is perfect for the changing seasons.  Traditionally brewed to be enjoyed during the long, hard working German harvest season, Fest Bier is the perfect fit for our local community and easily enjoyed by drinkers of all walks of life.  Whether you are hanging on to every last bit of summer or welcoming fall, Fest Bier is the perfect way to celebrate.


Being a nerd is nothing to be ashamed of, but something to celebrate!  At Brothers Craft Brewing, we’re beer nerds that appreciate tradition just as much as we love to experiment.  For Pilsnerd, we opted for the former, honoring the German Pilsner’s tradition of subtle floral depth and bready balance.  A crisp, timeless pour that’s sure to satisfy your inner nerd!

Elementary on Nitro

This classic style is proof that sometimes less is more.  We designed a traditional recipe and let the beer speak for itself.  The result is a shining example of a few simple ingredients yielding a deeply complex beer.  A rich malty prominence of coffee and caramel delivers a toasty sweetness tied together eloquently by notes of dark chocolate.  Robust yet refreshing from first sip to last drop.


Escape the mundane with this citra-based, sessionable IPA, the perfect beer to end a workday or to carry you through a weekend with friends. A heavy dry-hop and pristine finish make Drift the ideal indulgence for anytime, every time.


Hop Bill



Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!