Our year-round crowd pleasers. These expertly crafted mainstays feature balanced flavor profiles that will please the most elite imbiber while being accessible to a broad range of beer drinkers.

The Great Outdoors

This “Virginia” Pale Ale captures the essence of the lush Shenandoah wilderness.  The slightly restrained hop addition allows citrus to shine without overpowering the crisp, clean character that makes The Great Outdoors so refreshing.  Subtle additions of wheat and biscuit malts balance the beer and add a hint of both a toasted character and fruity sweetness.

Proud & True

A wonderfully executed craft light Lager, Proud & True is clean and refreshing with malty smooth flavor.  Just a touch of hops gives balance to this sessionable beer, creating notes of slight sweetness with a crisp finish.

An officially licensed product of JMU!

Cerveza Hermanos

Cerveza Hermanos, our take on a traditional Mexican Lager, is a classic old world recipe brewed for the new world.  Toasty German malts lend a malty backbone while flaked corn adds a soft sweetness that lightens the beer.  Perfectly balanced with noble hops, Cerveza Hermanos lands somewhere between Pale and Vienna Lager.  This easy drinking beer is perfect for any situation from summer on the beach to cool nights by a fire.  From our familia to yours, salud!


India Pale Ale

What’s a craft brewery to do when all the “typical” IPA hops are gone? Innovate of course, just like craft breweries always have. Hoptimization uses big, bold hops to get the clean citrusy flavor you love and the bitter bite that you crave. Step away from typical and try something new.

Hop Bill

Apollo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus

Grain Bill

American 2-row, C-40, Munich, Cara-8

Tasting Notes

Aggressively Bitter, Citrusy, Earthy


Accentuates spicy food, grilled red meats and fried chicken.

The Admiral

Suitable for both the hop-novice and the bitter elite, this Double IPA commands attention.  A more than generous hop-blend delivers a bitter citrus bite that is sure to fill your sails. Stand tall and salute The Admiral.

Notable Info

Gold Medal winner at VA Craft Brewers festival in 2013 and 2014.

Lil’ Hellion

Lil’ Hellion is a testament to the Bavarian brewing tradition of quality ingredients, precise balance and craftsmanship. Muted German hops add a subtle depth that compliments the soft malty sweetness and unbelievably clean finish that define the Helles, a refreshing golden lager that is sure to satisfy with every sip.

Hop Bill


Grain Bill

Base malt, Munich, Melanoiden


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!