Big beers born from big ideas. Our Endeavor Series is a celebration of whimsy and adventure, of risk and reward. We’ve flexed our creative muscles to create these large-format bottles that step a bit outside the box, either in process or by offering bold and unique flavor profiles.

Softly Spoken

We like to speak softly here at Brothers, letting our beer project what we want to communicate. Softly Spoken is a Barleywine that lets its character back up its hushed name, exuding quaint confidence with the power to back it up. A heavy hitter, this beer heaps on the malt and adds a smoky background best enjoyed as a nightcap around a campfire or as a perfect compliment to some grilled meat.  Speak softly, drink confidently.

5th Anniversary

In honor of our 5th anniversary we bring to you an Imperial Molé Stout. We took a big, rich, base stout full of chocolate and roast, and added traditional flavors of Molé. Cacao nibs, vanilla, cinnamon, and chilis add complex layers of flavor that work in perfect harmony.

’18 Daylight Cravings

Maple Coffee Breakfast Stout

We’ve jam-packed this hefty stout with all the sweet and savory flavors of a hearty country breakfast.  Smoked malt and a drizzle of rich maple syrup impart the essence of your favorite cured meats, and as with any good morning meal, we’ve rounded off this beer with rich cold-brewed coffee from our friends at Blue Elk Coffee Company.

A delectable pour as suitable to start a day as it is to end one.

Eight Bells

Specialty Ale – Blueberry French Toast

In the Naval tradition of telling time by the ship’s bells, sailors would hear eight bells each day at noon, the perfect time to enjoy this brunch inspired brew. We’ve added a hefty dose of blueberries to a bready base ale and finished it off, of course, with a modest helping of rich maple syrup. Just a dash of vanilla and cinnamon round out this decadent yet balanced indulgence.

Five Pound Fall Ale

Community-Sourced Pumpkin Ale

On September 14th, 2013, dozens of locals brought five pounds, or more, of hand roasted pumpkin to our brewery to contribute to our first ever community sourced beer.  Our Five Pound Fall Ale.  With almost 400 pounds of pumpkin in a 465 gallon batch, the pumpkin is the focal point, with our family pumpkin pie spices supporting this fresh, ultra local, artisan brew.  Thanks so much for helping out!  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Smooth Sailor

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Vanilla Porter

Using a base of our Elementary Robust Porter aged in the same bourbon barrels as Resolute, Smooth Sailor takes the sweet and toasty caramel malt that you know and love to new depths with subtle notes of bourbon and oak. Madagascar vanilla beans impart a unique smoothness that carries you through each sip, from the light aroma to the soothing finish. A beer that is both comforting and thoughtful; a great drink for any, or every, occasion.


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!