Echelon Series

These 750ml bottle releases are our biggest, most meticulously crafted, and time-intensive creations. The Echelon Series features our most experimental offerings, such as barrel projects aged in previously used bourbon, rum, or brandy barrels and sour beers fermented and aged with wild yeasts and bacteria for a unique twist on classic styles.


Brewed with its younger brother, Resolute, in mind, Steadfast is an unwavering and unrelenting Russian Imperial Stout.  Take what you love about Resolute, magnify the chocolate, amp up the roasted malts that remind you of a campfire on a cold winter night, and heap on that boozy taste that won’t let you forget that you’re drinking a beer made with a purpose.  Resolute is the embodiment of our commitment to you; Steadfast shows we’re not backing down.

Molé Hill

Named after the local remnants of an active volcano, this beer is overflowing with flavor.  At its core is a big, bold imperial stout full of chocolate and roast.  Playing tribute to Mole sauce, additions of Cacao nibs, vanilla, cinnamon and chilis add a depth of flavor that are in perfect harmony.  Finished by aging on oak, which provides even more layers of complexity, Molé Hill may be dormant, this beer is anything but.

Obsidian Harvest

Imperial in every sense of the word, Obsidian Harvest rings true to its name with a jet black hue, layers of roast and smoked malts, subtle spiciness and a rich chocolate presence.  Obsidian Harvest is finished on cypress to impart notes of vanilla and sponge cake.  If some is good, more is better.

Blueberry Donut Daylight Cravings

Maple Coffee Breakfast Stout

We’ve jam-packed this hefty stout with all the sweet and savory flavors of a hearty country breakfast.  Smoked malt and a drizzle of rich maple syrup impart the essence of your favorite cured meats, and as with any good morning meal, we’ve rounded off this beer with rich cold-brewed coffee from our friends at Blue Elk Coffee Company.

A delectable pour as suitable to start a day as it is to end one.

Candied Pecan Drunken Mornings

We were so happy with our delectable breakfast stout that we decided to give it just a little more love.  For those bolder breakfast aficionados, we aged our Daylight Cravings in oak bourbon barrels.  Notes of vanilla and bourbon from the barrel blend seamlessly with the cold-brewed coffee and other classic flavors of a Southern morning to create one notably bold brew.

In Plain Sight

Sometimes the thing you are searching for is sitting right in front of you.  Such is the case with this beer.  Blending our Belgian Quad with a Kriek, In Plain Sight is the best of both worlds.  Flavors of sweet, dark fruits compliment this full bodied ale.  A subtle addition of a cherry sour adds a layer that is both tart and sweet.  Often overlooked, the marriage of these styles is a gem that was hidden In Plain Sight.

Saison du Tropique

Traditionally named, this tropical saison is anything but traditional.  A tart saison serves as the base which is then aged in wine barrels on Pink Guava and Coconut.  While great on its own, this light bodied tart ale is perfectly enhanced as the flavor and aroma scream “tropical” thanks to the burst of bright fruit.  No matter where you are from, Saison du Tropique will carry you away to an island paradise.

Rye Barrel Obsidian Harvest

Obsidian Harvest is the perfect example of “if some is good, more is better”.  Imperial is every sense of the word, this beer rings true to its name with both its jet black hue and layers of roast and smoked malts.  A healthy dose of Rye lends a subtle spiciness that blends with rich chocolate and leaves you begging for more.  Aging in fresh Rye barrels allows this beer to pick up even more Rye in addition to smooth notes of oak and vanilla.  Rye Barrel Obsidian Harvest is beauty amidst chaos.


The culinary worlds unsung hero, the Intermezzo is a light and refreshing break between heavy dishes in a meal; however, they can also sometimes steal the show.  Our Intermezzo does both.  Saddled between big and bold stouts, this sour red ale bursts with invigorating flavors from the blood orange as well as a healthy dry hop of some of the finest citrus hops around.  On its own or in the middle of a line up, Intermezzo truly shines.


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Resolute (res·o·lute) adjective: admirably purposeful.

Our flagship barrel-aged project; this Russian Imperial Stout was designed from the ground up to optimize the nine-month aging process. Resolute greets you with a thick, chocolaty head followed by an unbelievably complex harmony of vanilla, oak, chocolate, espresso, and a rich malty base that each clamor for your attention. Resolute is the embodiment of our commitment to you.


Hop Bill

Apollo, EKG

Grain Bill

2-Row, Aromatic, Oats, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Special B


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!