Echelon Series

These 750ml bottle releases are our biggest, most meticulously crafted, and time-intensive creations. The Echelon Series features our most experimental offerings, such as barrel projects aged in previously used bourbon, rum, or brandy barrels and sour beers fermented and aged with wild yeasts and bacteria for a unique twist on classic styles.

Apple Brandy Softly Spoken

We like to speak softly here at Brothers, letting our beer project what we want to communicate. And sometimes, if we want to raise our voice a little, we throw our Barley Wine, Softly Spoken, into Apple Brandy barrels to age. Apple Brandy flavored Softly Spoken features a malt flavor and smoky background, with a sweet, fruity bite and belly warming feel. Speak softly, drink confidently.

Tasting Notes

Sweet malt, smokey, dark fruit and chocolate


Barleywine Recommendations: Aged cheese, artichoke, creme brulee

Astronaut Ice Cream

NASA astronauts are banned from drinking alcohol in space.  While we understand the need to stay sober in orbit, we think that some Astronaut Ice Cream could go a long way while your feet are firmly planted on the ground.  based off of our cosmic  Great Debate, Astronaut Ice Cream is an Imperial Milk Stout with flavors accentuated with flavors of raspberry and almond.  It won’t take you to space, but it will help get your head in the clouds.

Heaven’s River

The Milky Way, in all its vast expanses, is known as the River of Heaven in Japanese folklore.  When we look up at night, we can’t disagree with their interpretation.  Based off of our galactic Great Debate, Heaven’s River is an Imperial Milk Stout featuring chocolate, rich creaminess, and a subtle background sweetness accentuated with flavors of coffee and coconut.  Let the river flow, from our taproom to your glass.


Dead languages can inspire very lively beers. Raspis is a Brown Sour Ale named after the Latin word for “raspberry”, which this beer knows a lot about; it’s flavored with heaps of them, after all. Full of sharp and zesty flavor and flowing with dark and cloudy fruit, Raspis is complex and worthy of your time, much like the language it pays homage to. Respect thy etymological elders, drink good beer.

Aggregate Species

Aggregate Species is a collection of ingredients and flavors, coming together to form a cohesive but intricate beer. A Brown Sour Ale at its core, Aggregate Species features blackberries and currants to complement the gentle malt notes found in each sip. With a collection of dark fruit supplementing this delicately sour ale, Aggregate Species is a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Latin for “cherry”, Ceresia is a red sour ale aged on that most decadent of fruits. Featuring a playfully tart body, this ale adds sharp, sweet, and sugary notes from its aging process with cherries. Sour connoisseurs will immediately appreciate Ceresia’s tart character, while newcomers will be welcomed in by its fruity balance. Ceresia is a field in full bloom, bearing fruits to celebrate the season’s bounty.

Steadfast (non barrel aged)

Brewed with its younger brother, Resolute, in mind, Steadfast is an unwavering and unrelenting Russian Imperial Stout.  Take what you love about Resolute, magnify the chocolate, amp up the roasted malts that remind you of a campfire on a cold winter night, and heap on that boozy taste that won’t let you forget that you’re drinking a beer made with a purpose.  Resolute is the embodiment of our commitment to you; Steadfast shows we’re not backing down.

Mountain of Gold

Mountain of Gold, named after bursting Alyssum flowers, is a Golden Sour Ale brewed with lemon and lime peel, creating a distinctly zesty beer.  Flavors of malt, and wheat are immediately present before bursts of tartness take center stage.  There’s gold on these hills, and this beer is filled with it.


A name fitting for the beauty of the flower it recalls, Gloriosa is a beer in full bloom.  Juicy and sweet, Gloriosa is a Golden Sour Ale brewed with peaches, allowing fruit and tartness to mingle and dance into one another.  Gloriosa is a radiant sour beer that recalls a delicate floret, blossoming outward toward the sun.

Three Chords

Sometimes simple really is better, and less is almost always more.  Three Chords is a Brown Sour Ale with cherries, made up of a simple but perfectly balanced trifecta of sharpness and zest, delicate malt, and tart, sweet cherry notes.  Bright enough to make its own lighting, Three Chords has got the way to move you.

Crimson Lake


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Resolute (res·o·lute) adjective: admirably purposeful.

Our flagship barrel-aged project; this Russian Imperial Stout was designed from the ground up to optimize the nine-month aging process. Resolute greets you with a thick, chocolaty head followed by an unbelievably complex harmony of vanilla, oak, chocolate, espresso, and a rich malty base that each clamor for your attention. Resolute is the embodiment of our commitment to you.

2015 Resolute bottles 1-1800 were aged in Heaven Hills barrels, 1801+ were aged in A. Smith Bowman barrels.

Hop Bill

Apollo, EKG

Grain Bill

2-Row, Aromatic, Oats, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Special B


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!