Echelon Series

These 750ml bottle releases are our biggest, most meticulously crafted, and time-intensive creations. The Echelon Series features our most experimental offerings, such as barrel projects aged in previously used bourbon, rum, or brandy barrels and sour beers fermented and aged with wild yeasts and bacteria for a unique twist on classic styles.

Apple Brandy Softly Spoken

We like to speak softly here at Brothers, letting our beer project what we want to communicate. And sometimes, if we want to raise our voice a little, we throw our Barley Wine, Softly Spoken, into Apple Brandy barrels to age. Apple Brandy flavored Softly Spoken features a malt flavor and smoky background, with a sweet, fruity bite and belly warming feel. Speak softly, drink confidently.

Tasting Notes

Sweet malt, smokey, dark fruit and chocolate


Barleywine Recommendations: Aged cheese, artichoke, creme brulee


Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Resolute (res·o·lute) adjective: admirably purposeful.

Our flagship barrel-aged project; this Russian Imperial Stout was designed from the ground up to optimize the nine-month aging process. Resolute greets you with a thick, chocolaty head followed by an unbelievably complex harmony of vanilla, oak, chocolate, espresso, and a rich malty base that each clamor for your attention. Resolute is the embodiment of our commitment to you.

2015 Resolute bottles 1-1800 were aged in Heaven Hills barrels, 1801+ were aged in A. Smith Bowman barrels.

Hop Bill

Apollo, EKG

Grain Bill

2-Row, Aromatic, Oats, Chocolate Malt, Roasted Barley, Special B


Yes, Beer Me. Nope. Dang!