Harrisonburg, VA is and always has been our home, so where better to open a brewery than in our own backyard? Well, maybe our taproom/brewing facility isn’t literally in our backyard – in fact we renovated a soda bottling plant to suit all of our production needs – but with such a close-knit and supportive community, every inch of Virginia feels like home.

Brothers Craft Brewing (originally Three Brothers Brewing) was founded by the three Shifflett siblings, who used their collective experience to execute a singular vision: brew exciting, unique craft beers that emphasize and support our community.

It didn’t take long to realize that same community was our extended family. The three of us may be related by blood, but our staff, our customers, and our collaborators have all become brothers.

When thinking about the people we’ve surrounded ourselves with and making sure we had the ability to continue to grow, we made the bold decision to rebrand our business as Brothers Craft Brewing.

Despite the challenges associated with such a change, we feel that our new name truly represents our evolution as a business. Why limit our brotherhood to three when we’ve gained so much family already?

When we started this endeavor, we couldn’t have possibly imagined the growth we’ve been so fortunate to experience. Since beginning production in December of 2012, we’ve had the honor of taking home various awards, expanding our production facilities and distribution, but most importantly we’ve been able to share our passion for meticulously crafted, delicious beer with each of our fans.

So thank you all for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for keeping our dream alive.



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