2020 Horizon Society FAQ

Do you like big barrel aged beers… sours… experimental styles?  Join our Horizon Society!!  Our craft beer appreciation club gives you access to special and rare beers for one year while gaining membership into a group who all love to talk and drink craft beer.

What do I get as a member?

-2 Bottles of 2020 Resolute

-1 Bottle of 2020 Drunken Mornings

-3 Additional bottles throughout the year.

-Membership item (TBA).

-10% off all full draft offerings in the taproom.

-Access to member only 32oz fills as available.

-First shot at purchasing some limited availability public release bottles (e.g., Daylight/Drunken variants, Yuletide Variants, Resolute Variants)

-Opportunity to pre-order limited run taproom releases.

In addition to the above package, select beers will be made available for purchase exclusively to Horizon Society Members.  We expect to have around 8-10 additional member exclusive beers for 2020. 

In addition to the beer, members will have access to 3 exclusive events throughout the year featuring food, drink, and plenty of fun (see below for more details).

Finally, all members will receive the special member item for the year.  In years past we have done a t-shirt, growler, yopener, handcrafted ceramic mug, etc.  We strive to come up with something with wide appeal that also fits into who we are and what we do.  The item is always exclusive to the members of that particular year. Since we hope our members sign up from year to year, we try not to repeat ourselves.

How do I purchase a membership?

Head to our web store! https://www.brotherscraftbrewing.com/product/2020-horizon-society-membership/

Where can I get my beers?

Membership Beers will be available for pickup exclusively at Brothers Craft Brewing.  You will be able to pick up your beers during any of our normal taproom hours.

Taproom hours are

-M-F: 4pm-11pm

-Sat: 12pm-11pm

-Sun:  12pm-8pm

Other pickup times:

– Beers will be available for pickup during limited non-taproom hours from 12pm-4 pm Monday-Friday, but MUST be scheduled in order to ensure an employee is here to assist with the pickup.

What beers will be offered in 2020?

Our first priority is to offer the highest quality product possible, with that in mind we occasionally have to shift releases or swap beers out due to unforeseen circumstances.  For this reason we do not typically lock in every beer that will be available throughout the year.  There is always a mixture of sours, barrel aged beers, and styles we think are unique and delicious.  Always included in your membership are our 2 barrel aged pillars of Resolute and Drunken Mornings.  Membership includes 2 bottles of Resolute and 1 bottle of Drunken Mornings.

Other Perks – Members will have first shot at an UNLIMITED (within the allocated Horizon Society volume) amount of variants for special public releases like Daylight Cravings, Drunken Mornings, Yuletide variants, and Resolute and its variants. 

What do I need to pick up my beers?

All you need to pick up your beer is a valid ID.  Members are also able to designate a proxy to pick up the beers for them.

When can I pick up my beers?

Releases will be available throughout the year, and members will be notified via e-mail and on our official Facebook group for the Horizon Society ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/375211436237404/ ) when the beers will be released and available for pickup.

Because the timing of sour and barrel-aged beers is somewhat unpredictable, release dates are subject to change.  We apologize in advance for any potential alterations to these releases.  With this in mind, we do not release a full schedule for the year in advance.  We make every effort to spread the release dates out over the course of the year as much as possible so there were no long gaps between releases. 

Will you hold my beers, and for how long?

Yes, we will happily hold your beers at the brewery until you can pickup within the 2 deadline windows.

First Half Deadline- All releases for the first half of the year (beer released through June) will be held for pickup until July 31st 2020. 

Second Half Deadline- All beer releases for the second half of the year (beer released through December) will be held for pickup until January 31st 2021.

*As has always been our policy, any beer not picked up by it’s associated deadline will be forfeited and released for sale.  This includes any bottle that is initially included in the membership or purchased in addition to member included beer.  Please make arrangements if you are unable to make it to the brewery by reaching out to fellow members through our Facebook closed group or by other means.


Can I designate a trustee to pick up my beers?

Yes, you have the option to designate a trustee to pick up your beers at the brewery through your account settings.

All trustees must be 21 years of age and may be asked to present ID at pickup.  Please understand that this person is called a trustee for a reason, and we ask that you choose only someone you trust with your beer.  This person is acting as a proxy on your behalf and is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and fullness of your order before they leave the brewery.  The brewery is not liable for what happens to your beer once it is picked up.

Assigning/Changing Trustees

You can change your trustee at anytime in your account settings. Please make sure to update your trustee’s information prior to a pickup!

Will Horizon Society beers be available for non-members?

It is our intent for all Horizons Society exclusive releases to be truly exclusive to members.  We bottle the beers closely to pre-sale numbers to reduce the number of unpurchased bottles. 

Any bottles that make it through the pre-sale will be placed on our Cellar menu for purchase by current members ONLY for the membership year, after which time they will be open for sale to the general public.

Current members can purchase any previous Horizon Society year’s beer on our Cellar menu for the original sale price. We will also continue to reserve Horizon Society liquid for draft in limited quantities during the release and other major events.

What else is included?

Members will receive 10% off all draft offerings in the taproom, and have access to member only 32 oz fills as available.  These fills will include a variety of beers that are either exclusive to the Horizon Society or are not typically available for growler fill or discount in some way.

We will host three events throughout the year as an added value to our members.  Events will typically be scheduled in conjunction with bottle releases so that these limited beers can be enjoyed on draft as well.

-In March, on the Friday before the Daylight Cravings/Drunken Mornings release, we will be hosting an event for members with food and drink tickets included.  This event serves as a great “kick off” for the year and a nice way for us to get to know our members and vice versa.

-In May/June, we will have an event where you get to play the role of one of our brewers.  We will have some of our base beers available to blend and a variety of ingredients to add in an effort to come up with an offering that will be released later in the year.

-In October, we will host an Oktoberfest at the brewery and Horizon members will have food and drink tickets included. 

Can I cancel or get a refund?

We do not offer refunds or allow for canceled memberships.


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