2018 Horizon FAQ

So, why do I pay for membership up front? Where does the money go?

Horizon Society Membership is as beneficial to us as it is to you, and we appreciate your faith and support.  Up-front membership fees will allow us to expand and improve our taproom and brewing facility throughout 2018. Your benefit as a Horizon Society member is access to special beers that only members can obtain and your membership helps to grow the number of options we can produce for you. Your funds also help us get many of these barrel projects going!

Can I buy multiple Memberships?

Horizon Society Memberships are limited to 1 per individual.  All members must be 21 years of age.

Where can I get my beers?

Membership beers will be available for pickup exclusively at Brothers Craft Brewing, and you will be able to pick up your beers during any of our normal taproom hours.

What do I need to pick up my beers?

All you need to pick up your beers is a valid ID.

When can I pick up my beers?

Releases will be available throughout the year, and members will be notified via email when their beers will be released and available for pickup.

Because the timing of sour and barrel-aged beers is somewhat unpredictable, all existing release dates are subject to change.  We apologize in advance for any potential alterations to our planned release schedule.

Will you hold my beers, and for how long?

Yes, we will happily hold your beers at the brewery until you can pickup.

In 2018 all releases for the first half of the year (through June) will be held until July 15, 2018. The releases for the second half of the year will be held until January 15, 2019. Any beer that is not picked up by the pickup cut-off dates will be forfeited without refund and released for sale. Any resold beers will have the proceeds donated to charity!

Can I join if not I’m not local to Virginia?


Can I designate a trustee to pick up my beers?

Yes, you have the option to designate a trustee to pick up your beers at the brewery.  There is a limit of 1 trustee per member.

All trustees must be 21 years of age and will be asked to present a valid ID at each pickup.

Remember, it’s called a “trustee” for a reason. Please choose someone that you trust with your purchases.  We are not liable for what happens to your products once they leave the brewery.

Changing Trustees

Trustee designation can be modified on the website under your account settings, we will verify your trustee at the time of pickup.

Will Horizon Society beers be available for non-members?

We intend for Horizon Society beers to be sold primarily to members. Due to some products not selling out however we will release unsold bottles to the public immediately following release to members if bottles remained unsold. I.E. after initial round of sales we will open sales on remaining to members until the release. The day of the release, any unsold bottles will be available to the public.

Will I have first dibs for 2019 membership?

Definitely.  We appreciate our supporters and will offer all existing members first right of refusal during the renewal period for 2019.

While in the past we’ve hoped to get a second tier in play by now, we simply don’t have the capacity at our current facility.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

No, membership is a one-time purchase.  Members CANNOT cancel their memberships, and we do not offer refunds on personal or gifted memberships.

*Horizon Society Memberships are for private use only.  Brothers Craft Brewing reserves the right to terminate a membership for any reason.  Such reason may include reselling membership-exclusive beers or generally acting outside the intent of the Horizon Society.



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